The "Saddle Lift"

- increases the safety of e-bikes
- is based on a clearly identified need
- is backed by scientific evidence

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Accident Analysis and Prevention

An extensive analysis of bike accidents and the corresponding development of the SOFIE bike focusing on a height adjustable saddle for safer mounting and dismounting.

Safety Science

An explanation why the number and severity of accidents are increasing and why getting on and off the bike plays a major role.

SWOV Fact sheet - Senior cyclists

Highlights the alerting increase of severe and fatal bike accidents with a specific focus on the elderly.

A better understanding of single cycle accidents of elderly cyclists

Gives a very good and detailed understanding about the severity level of single sided accidents which is widely underestimated.

Bicycling Stability

A very compelling thesis on “stability problems” of elder cyclists which includes an impressive amount of literature research; and the full background story on the SOFIE project.

... and there are many more high calibre academics involved in more related studies


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